Lollapalooza Diaries: Subj: Introduce the Band”SUe meet DEe” Date: 94-07-13 14:43:46 EDT From: L7s

Let Me Introduce the Band..”SUzi meet DEe…”#3 (non-dated material)#3 This injection is designed to give you an idea about who we are, the names, the sights, the smells, the sounds, if you will… Suzi Gardner (L7 guitarist and vocalist), Dave Ratt (soundperson), Joe Double-O’Neil (SnowRangler, HinkleyTech and stageminder), Donita Sparks (L7 vocalist and guitarist), John Brubaker ( guitar techie), Demetra Plakas (L7 goddess of thunder-drummer), Rod Doak (tour manager, distributor of the meal tickets), Lenny Douglas (drum tech and quite the dancer), Jennifer Finch (that would be me and I play bass and sing), Dean Menta (bass tech for the first few shows), Dav Michael (assistant creator of the snow scene and on the road for the first few shows) and Craig All our bus driver who we are stealing from Pearl Jam.