Subj: CREW point of VIEW… Date: 94-07-13 14:47:51 EDT From: L7s

CREW point of VIEW/more on Lost Wages…#4 (Information pertaining to July 6-July 8) Have you noticed I started numbering the entries for easier sorting? Cool? well then, I thought to spice things up I would have various other people from the the entourage kick down their two cents every once in a while. Some stuff will be redundant, sorry, but everyone has their own special moments and perspectives and I figure that will add a new spin on things (besides it will take the heat off of me every now and then). Lenny was the first person I thought of. He’s the one in our group that is motivated enough to find all the cool thrift stores, record stores, and collector shops. He’s big on finding good deals and is a great dancer. We are working out swing dancing routines in our spare moments. This is Lenny’s take on the first few days of this tour…

A pair of 50s salt and pepper shakers and a ceramic green thing were the only conquest from around 9 Las Vegas thrift stores. Depressing. Hot, sweaty days were cooled down by a refreshing water park across from our hotel. Full of Chlorine, urine; Rad Fun! Mr. Warmth himself, Don Rickles, is a legend and I saw him! That’s what Las Vegas means to me. Oh yeah it’s also where Lollapalooza ’94 kicked off. We now have a day off before the second show, Denver, and this town’s thrift community has offered up much more then Vegas. Quite pleasing. Our camp is a happy one. Everyone is in harmony. Should make for a pleasant tour. The crowds seem to like the drum sounds I’ve given them. I haven’t met that many of the other people on the tour yet but everyone seems cool so far. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds of all people have befriended us. Anyways that’s about it for now. LENNY D.

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