Subj: LET IT SNOW!!#5 Date: 94-07-13 14:52:55 EDT From: L7s

LET IT SNOW!!#5 (general info pertaining to show Preparation and stage crew Perspiration) Since the idea of having a snow scene was conceived it has been a logistical pain in the tushy. Donita first came up with the idea to have snow falling on the stage while we played. Great idea, bad mess. It then evolved to painting our gear white and having a back drop depicting a winter scene (you know, the oil paintings usually found in motels, with snow caped mountains, big ol’ evergreens and a little hunting lodge off in the distance with the chimney going full force). Then one day while Suzi and Donita were driving to our practice room in North Hollywood, they passed a store front that displayed a fifteen foot pink snowman. Ideal they thought but never really pursued it. It was Suzi who returned to the area a week later to pick up some drapes at a secondhand store. This store happened to be next to the snowman shop. She decided to check it out. The place was a prop house run by a man named Mark Canepa. Sue told him the snow scene idea and inquired about the cost of the snowman out front. It turns out (destiny is a powerful thing) that he designs (among other things) snow sets for malls during the holidays. We hired him on the spot. I mentioned earlier the problems we have faced with this set. The Lollapalooza crew hate it and for good reason, it is a pain in the ass, but it looks so cool! Their was a threat at one point to bail the snow, but we basically said LOOK…. “No SNOWman no SHOWman!” “NO ice NO dice!” “The SNOW must go ON!” “NO drifts NO riffs!” “NO snow NO show!” “No frost get LOST!”

AND our snow tech, Double O, “The hardest working man in SNOWbusiness” would like to add… “Theres no business like SNOW business!!!!!”

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