Subj: What’s The Big DEAL??!! #12 Date: 94-07-18 22:51:55 EDT From: L7s

What’s The Big DEAL??!! Chicago (July 15) #12 Basically I spent the entire day yelling at security guards while I waved my laminate (pass) in their faces (Doesn’t the name L7 mean anything in this town!??!…) This venue sucks. All I want to do is watch the bands from the house! I’m with an old time friend of ours John Connors, who by the way is running our fan club, and his fiancee, Gloria Alverez. Gloria is awesome, also an old friend of ours. About two years ago she decided she wanted to be a soundperson. She got her shit together, apprenticed in LA clubs, worked her butt off and now she is traveling the world doing front of house sound for Beck. Get it Girl! We finally convince a head rent-a-cop that we will move from the seats we have planted ourselves in when the ticket holders get back. We end up moving in a few minutes anyway because the sound sucks in this over sized shed! (who ever designed these out door- indoor, metal, venues should be forced to live in them and deal with the horrid sound!)

Later that same day I copped a press/photo pass from the Lollapalooser press officer so that I can hang out in the photo pit in front of the stage to watch the Breeers. With insta-matic camera in hand I had it made. After the third song all the other photographers had to split but I got to stay. It was so cool having all that elbow room! “Saints”(I think thats what it’s called) is defiantly the hit song of the summer ( that’s the one that goes “Summer is Ready When You Are……” It rules! I also got some great shots up Kim Deals nose.

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