Subj: Nick Cave and the Bad Fern Bar Date: 94-07-13 15:00:33 EDT From: L7s

Nick Cave and the Bad Fern Bar (July 10th) As Lenny had mentioned before (please see Crew Point of View), the Bad Seeds have befriended us. Their dressing room has been next to ours for the past two shows and they are very, nice, people! While we were watching them play last night in Denver, Nick requested that we “shout mindless patter that would amuse the ‘Americans’ in between songs” We obliged him with a chorus of “Fuck Shit Up” We are big fans of theirs, some of us are really BIG fans. On this night off in Kansas City, a Sunday I might add, is Bad Seeds bassist, Martyn’s Birthday. We all decided to meet in Dee’s room then head for a local bar. Unfortunately the only thing we could find open was a sports/fern bar violation (ya’ know the kind with fruity shots served in test tubes by overly tanned waitress). As we walked in a local knuckle-head took one look at Nick and said “look there, it’s Elvis!!” Ouch! It was an all nighter with everyone eventually showing up at this place. When the bar closed down, some of us took it back to D’Arcy from Smashing Pumkins hotel room.

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