Subj: Bio- Degrading-part 1 Date: 94-07-18 18:45:03 EDT From: L7s

Subj: Bio- Degrading-part 1 Date: 94-07-18 18:45:03 EDT From: L7s

Bio- Degrading (#8) (1985-1994) I thought I would post our bio for any of you who may not be familiar with us. I guess the first thing you should know is WE HATE BIOs!!!! In fact this is our first official one ever. First off they always sound contrived. Second, I guess we always felt that if someone wanted to interview us they should be a fan and already know what we are about and go from there. Well life does not work like that (cruel world that it is) and we got tired of getting asked the same questions about who plays what and where we are from and all that. I guess we were never really prepared for (or at least never thought about) the amount of attention that has been given us. We have labored over this thing for months and have given all sorts of grief to our management and record label over being so tardy with it. Our very good friend Bob wrote it. He writes for Flipside and has seen just about every live, LA show we have done . I then edited it and each of us had to approve it (democracy is a wonderfully, slow moving turtle). Well anyway, this is the official version (with out the nifty record company paper of course).

L7 Biography by Bob Cantu (Flipside Fanzine)

There are certain bands, the and Mototerhead for example, whose look, attitude and live musical flurry combine to create a feeling of a passionate rock ‘n roll carousal that is positively contagious. L7 is such a band. As Sub Pop Records Jonathan Poeman once stated, “L7 are a real primal rock machine!”. Tumultuously blending many music styles, L7 emerges with a sound that is distinct and instantly recognizable. L7 are a “democratic band” of personalities with no single front person.

The band consists of: Jennifer Finch, bass and vocalist Suzi Gardner, guitarist and vocalist Donita Sparks, guitarist and vocalist Demetra Plakas, drums

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