Subj: Electrocution Avoidance #27 Date: 94-08-13 00:38:53 EDT From: L7s

Subj: Electrocution Avoidance #27 Date: 94-08-13 00:38:53 EDT From: L7s

Mud Slinging and Electrocution Avoidance #27 (Aug. 4- Cleveland, OH.)

I am in one of the Carolinas at the moment and I met this guy named Paul LaFata. It turns out that Paul had just moved to Ohio from PA to go to school or something. The day that he had moved all his stuff into his new place L7 had once again left the Lollypoploozers tour on our day off to get on an airplane to do another show. We left Providence, RI. at 10:00am and landed in Ohio, played the show in the pouring rain, then got back in the plane to return to New York that night. Paul tells me that he had a great time at the show. Being the responsibility delegator that I am, I asked him to write about his experience while I go watch A Tribe Called Quest…… Later, -finch

Fan entry regarding Endfest 94- Geauga County Fairgrounds, Cleveland, OH August 4, 94. I Just moved to Cleveland when I picked up the local scene magazine. Since I just missed Lollapalooza here, I was happy to see L7 was back in town to kick ass. Oh by the way, The day before I had a experience getting to Cleveland from Reading, PA. I jetted off in a 4 seat plane and was to arrive in Ohio at 3:00 p.m. Due to hazy conditions the pilot decided to make a 180 and take me back to PA. Well, considering I had to be there the next day for the “Biggest Musical Event” in Ohio history, and the pilot refused to fly me back out there, I had to resort to the first class accommodations of Greyhound. This turned my 6 hour car ride into an eleven hour bus ride which got me to Cleveland at 3:30 a.m.. This arrival gave me about 8 hours to sleep, eat and drive the hour it would take to get to the fairgrounds. So I get to the place in the light of the sun and about 5 minutes later the sky is dark gray and it pours for the next 2 and half hours. I get soaked, Drink lots of beer and wander around the tiny vendor village. They also had a floatation machine. How cool. Once the rain subsided the sky became nice again. L7 took main stage around 7:00. And what do you know, RAIN. But the rain didn’t dampen the appetite of the crowd. There was mud wrestling, mud slides and mud pies being made left and right. It was lovely. Security even looked like they were enjoying the pit crowd. hey got to throw the kiddies in the mud. Real cool. Anyway the girls in L7 blew my head to the sky .

-Paul LaFata

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