“Fire Eating Lesbians” #28 (Aug12-13, Atlanta)

Every now and than one of the Lollapalovehandle bands will play an extra gig at night or on a night off. Most of these shows are unannounced and are the best bet for a fun evening. On this, the night of the 12th of Aug., everyone (and I’m talking all of the 300 plus people who are part of Loafapaloosers) agreed to meet first at the warehouse where Tribe was playing than head over to the club that George Clinton was playing. Boy do those two bands work hard putting in all the extra shows. We should do one, one of these days. I didn’t go. I stayed home (the hotel) and played on the computer. Ironic isn’t it, that I am writing a dairy about events that are going on yet I miss most of the good stuff because I am staying in and WORKING HARD writing (this is a cheap, sympathy ploy to get Warners to buy me a new, lighter, faster, COLOR, computer. One that the sound works on and the “s” key doesn’t get stuck! Is it working yet Max?). Oh well, I guess I once again have to live vicariously through the lives of my technophobic, party girl bad-ass, band-mates once again. I was told the next morning that Dee was last seen dancing on stage for George Clinton with Nick Cave in tow. Get It Girl! Donita told me that the high light of her evening was when a man with a tracheotomy played the harmonic through the whole in his neck. Wow. She went on to describe the mechanics of the event to me as we drove to todays venue. GOOD MORNING! Once at the gig, I met with two friends who I know from this silly computer thing. Will Dandy and JonEntropy. I had never met them in person, and they turned out to be very cool. They came on a good day. During the last segment of our set a performance art, troop of 12, brilliantly painted people, came up on stage to dance. They were joined by Torment, the Transvestite Road Poet and three Lesbian Fire Eaters. The Fire Eaters came backstage before their performance in the Revival Tent and taught us how to eat fire. Donita did it. I did not (as you all know, I am very accident prone). I left the grounds early to catch a plane to LA (where I am now) because I am going to play bass in Hole for their new video. If any more fire eating or any other hijinx occurred in my absence, I will have to fill you in on later.

Hot Hot Hot, -finch

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