Subj: Donuts for All My Friends #25 Date: 94-08-12 01:31:46 EDT From: L7s

We love Philly. We first came here in 1988. We were on a national tour supporting Bad Religion and although those guys are the coolest, the tour was an ass dragger. We would be lucky if 50 people showed up to any given show, promoters would attempt to rip us off and just the general you gotta “laugh to keep from crying” situations. But Philly, well that was a different story all together. We had decided to break away from the Bad Religion fiasco for two days to play a few shows at the persuasion of our good friend Paul Bearer. I had met Paul a year earlier when I booked his legendary band the Serial Killers in L.A. and they crashed at my house for the duration of those shows. In turn he and his manager Larry Kay hooked us up in Philly and we stayed with them. The shows were at J.C. Dobbs on South Street and at (get this) an old age recreation room during the evening when all the seniors had left. We made a bunch of friends, ate a bunch of cheese steaks and had such a BLAST. We have always had good shows in Philly since.

Today was no exception. All of our Philly friends showed up (with the exception of those who have moved LA). Paul Bearer was in full form (he is one of those people I will LOVE FOREVER). It was Suzi’s birthday and we got the whole audience to serenade her while the crew (who are still wearing those pesky chef hats) passed out birthday donuts to the audience. I also stood for part of the set (I AM HEALED!!almost).

Later that evening we all went to a club called the Coppa on South Street where Paul knows the bartenders (always a plus). Various Breeders, Bad Seeds, Luscious Jacksons, Smashing Pumpkins and the Verve were all players in tonight episode of “Rock and Roll Damnation, Inc.”.

Stay Fly, -finch

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