Subj: There Are No Pines or Knobs #23 Date: 94-08-12 01:22:09 EDT From: L7s

There Are No Pines or Knobs in Pine Knob#23 (July 29 Detroit, MI)

Oh my lord were back in Pine Knob!!! OUCH that’s gotta hurt. I feel like I live here now! Get me outa here! I hung out in the Beastie Boys room to escape the depressing conditions of our pathetic, opening act trailer that has been our dressing room for the past three shows here. My foot hurts and I’ve had to play sitting down. Brubacker (now known as Chez’ Tech. with his chef hat) set me up with an easy chair, side table, a lamp, couple of books and a plate of appetizers on stage. Mark from the Beasties made an appearance during “Shove” and while he went bouncing from one side of the stage to the other he stopped to grab a chip and some dip from my table.

I am now in a soft cast and getting kind of good on the crutches. Dav Ratt showed us a trick he learned one tour where he sticks his legs through the upper opening, placing his feet on the hand rail part and uses the crutches like stilts. Mac, the Bad Seeds guitar tech can balance them straight in the air on his head.

John Brannon from the Laughing Hyenas showed up. Brubacker was stoked ’cause he has the title of one of their songs, “Loves My Only Crime” tattooed on his leg.


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