Subj: Bus Ride to Bent #24 Date: 94-08-12 01:23:14 EDT From: L7s

Subj: Bus Ride to Bent #24 Date: 94-08-12 01:23:14 EDT From: L7s

#24 Bus Ride to Bent (July 30 Pittsburgh,Pa)

We played the show, we watched the Bad Seeds then we got the heck out of there and headed for Philly. We ended up kid-napping Nick, James and Marty of the Bad Seeds. We all sat in the back lounge of our bus with guitars singing which ever songs we could all remember at least some of the words to. Eventually the guitars got put away and we started grooving to Suzi’s Wilson Picket tape. It was when Dee threw on her new “Best of Tom Jones” and “It’s Not Unusual” came on did the shit hit the fan! All ten people in the room started going off creating full disco cyclone. I’m talkin’ Dancing- Falling- Getting Up and Dancing some more, all in a room that measures 8’x10′, swaying back and forth down the highway at top speeds. Drinks spilled, food spilled, people spilled. At one point Donita and Dee got lifted and passed back and forth. I had to sit out a few and hide my foot from the mayhem.

We got into Philly early. Double O rallied the troops into the lobby, then into a cab and off to Kyber Pass (which claims to be one of Philadelphia oldest pubs and also one of the places we play every now and then). Brubacker was already there. This is his home town and he seems very much in his element. It was a sorta dorky, collegiate, night. Donita and I watched the band and avoided the cliental and did whatever it is people do until closing time. When the bartender yelled last call, She, Dav Rat, Brubaker and I took it back to Brubaker’s house to check out “Bru World”. We hung out there looking through his vintage collection of country music until about four am.

We left Brubacker and his dog Wolfie and headed back to the hotel. I got into my room in time for the start of Orson Well’s movie, “the Stranger”. I called Dee up to tell her (she likes old movies) and instead I got invited to her room where there was a party going on attended by those who did not go to Kyber Pass. I shined the movie to continue the party that started on the bus eleven hours prior. When that scene started to fizzle out Prudence (the Bad Seeds assistant) suggest we find an all night dinner. Actually we didn’t need an all night dinner since it was light out by that time. So that’s how Prudence and I spent the rest of the morning. I think I finally went to sleep at nine am. -finch

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