Subj: Fascist Fish Police #18 Date: 94-08-07 11:49:43 EDT From: L7s

Subj: Fascist Fish Police #18 Date: 94-08-07 11:49:43 EDT From: L7s

Fascist Fish Police #18 (July 22- Indianapolis)

We woke up at 5 am to catch the 7:30 flight to Indianapolis and our 2:30 pm time slot back at Lallapolooza. OUCH!!! It hurt but we made it. I just didn’t bother to go to sleep last night. I opted for that “overall dizzy/ over-tired feeling” to the unbearable “waking up just when you get into a heavy sleep” nightmare.

After we played the show, Dave Ratt, Suzi, Double “O” and I all went “Venue Fishing”. Dave Ratt turned us on to this sport. All of theses large, outdoor concert sites we have been playing have small human-made lakes that are used to store water to irrigate the grounds, keeping the grassy areas green. To keep these bodies of water from getting stagnant, they create an echo system with snails, frogs and FISH. Hence, “Venue Fishing!”

Dave first took me fishing back in Denver and two more times after that in various other cities, but each of three times we had tried to fish, security would kick us out (Fascist Fish Cops!) I can not tell you how many fish we caught, there were so many. We were hauling in small bass, catfish and crappy. (by the way, we let them all go back to their fishy lifestyles after we humiliated them by making them pose for pictures with us) I could barely drop a line and something would attach itself! And the best part…. NO Fascist Fish Police In Site!

Today is also George Clinton’s Birthday!

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