Subj: Crew View No. Two #19 Date: 94-08-07 11:50:46 EDT From: L7s

Crew View No. Two #19 (July 23-Flint, Mi.)

Hello everyone this is Double O Joe, I’m in charge of the snow, but that is not really relevant to this entry. Tonight we are staying in Flint, Michigan, about an hour from Detroit, and a half hour from Lollapalooza. All the other bands are spread out across lower Michigan. In other words, we are out in the boondocks, by ourselves, with nothing to do. But we found an excuse to leave the hotel. Humble Pie was playing down the street. Jennifer was denied entrance due to a lost ID and an unsympathetic doorman, so I’ll tell you about it. Who says downtown Flint can’t rock. A group of us led by Bass (as in fish) Master Dave Rat walked from our hotel to the club and tried to exploit our laminates for free admission. We got in for half price and were treated to a 70’s extended rock jam wank-a-thon. It was painful to see the band that was Peter Frampton’s stepping stone to superstardom playing to 50 people in a cheesy rock club. Actually it was just painful to see them. Kind of like watching a car accident, I wanted to leave but something compelled me to stay. They played lots of their hits and kept asking how the crowd was doing. Lots of high pitched “yeahs” and “alrights” from the singer. After the show Donita got attitude from the band who didn’t seem to realize they were no longer playing stadiums. Hey guys, maybe its time to hang it up and go to work at Guitar Center.

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