Subj: Do 2 Shows=2 Meal Tickets?#21 Date: 94-08-07 11:51:27 EDT From: L7s

Subj: Do 2 Shows=2 Meal Tickets?#21 Date: 94-08-07 11:51:27 EDT From: L7s

Do 2 Shows=2 Meal Tickets?#21 (July 24 Detroit, Mi)

For anyone who doesn’t already know Lallapolooza has three main event focuses. The main stage (that would be us), the second stage (that would be the Flamming Lips, Verve, Luscious Jackson and others who swap off on any given week) and what they call the “The Mind Field” (which are the vendors, political booths and the Revival Tent where poetry, spoken word, political forums and the likes take place). Every once in a while we all get boarded with our “assigned stations” and make nuisances of ourselves in other people’s areas. It’s all very welcome actually, keeps things stirred up and interesting. I’ve seen James from the Pumpkins perform in the Rival tent as a drummer, poets on the Main Stage, band members working in the political booths and more.

Today was L7s turn. After the Flamming Lips did their thing that they do so well (check out their bio and discography posted somewhere in the Warner’s Board) we jumped on stage to do an impromptu set. The audience requested songs (no we don’t do “FreeBird”, that joke is way to old to still exist) and we ended up doing a few songs we haven’t played in years. It was a great stress release and most of the other Main Stage people came down to check it out and get involved. Steven from the Flamming Lips played drums on “Shove” while Dee took some time out to dance, the Bad Seeds sang back-up on “Andres” and Kim Deal stood to the side of the stage and screamed the whole time!

C’ya, -finch

Subj: Crew View”ChefandHammers”#21 Date: 94-08-09 03:56:25 EDT From: L7s

Crew Point of View- “Chef and Hammers” #21 Cookin’ with Donita by Double O Joe (July 25-Detroit)

Donita barged into the dressing room in a huff, screaming about Fascist Fashion Police in the press area. It seems the security battleaxe (whom Donita referred to as “Reba”) had a problem with Donita’s attire. Ms. Sparks looked stunning in a white chef’s ensemble: hat, apron and tongs. Apparently “Reba” didn’t want anyone mistaking the beer swiggin’ musician for an employee of the restaurant/press area. Words were exchanged, a cease and desist order was issued regrding the wearing of the chef gear. Reba held firm for all of chefdom, Ignoring donita’s status as a “mainstage artist” (and essentially reason for Reba having a job that day). Donita ran out exasperated, her rational, level-headed reasoning an exercise in futility. She was then briefly haranged by some drunk guy who felt he had to stick his two cents (canadian) in. More on him later.

The crew present (consisting of Joe, Rod, Danny, Kirk, Dee’s husband-ed. note) had been quietly discussing post structualist feminist theory and its impact on transgender politics and babe magnetism when Donita arrived. Upon being apprised of the situation we immediately jumped into action. The months of training were about to pay off. When its time to take care of business the L7 road crew is ready. We donned chef hats and followed Chef Donita back to the scene of the confrontation. Reba and her table full of security goons were no match for Donita and 4 guys in chef hats who can’t hold real jobs. The restaurant manager was summoned. He reinterated Reba’s argument about the high moral standards of their kitchen staff, and claimed Donita was spoiliung said reputation by simultaneously drinking beer and wear chef gear. He called for the return of the chef clothes but we had made our point, and we were leaving. WITH the chef attire.

The drunk guy (mentioned earlier) returned, still trying to add in his worthless commentary. He was ready to kick some ass, and our tour manager Rod Doak (now refered to as the “Hammer” since this event) was only to happy to call his bluff with a “WELL C’MON” to each of the drunk’s manly challenges. This all occured at the back door of the restaurant, with us outside and fat, drunk and stupid inside.

Pushes were coming to shove between “The Hammer” and the drunk. Donita, in a valiant effort to keep the peace, grabbed Rod’s hand as Danny “Terminator” Baird slammed the door in the drunk’s face. Donita had accidently grabbed Rod’s watch which flew into a nearby bucket of mop water at the exact moment the door slammed. Our mission over, Donita, Rod “The Hammer” Doak, Danny “The terminator” Baird, Kirk “Peacekeeper” Canning and I returned to our dressing room victorious.

by Joe “the Snow” O’Neil

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