Subj: Grasping At Straws #15 Date: 94-08-05 03:07:28 EDT From: L7s

Grasping At Straws For A Topic #15 (St. Louis, Day Off, Columbus, Ohio-July 17-July 19)

Not a lot has happened on these last few days. Perhaps I am blocking?! (I am going to ask around and see if anybody remembers any events or had any interesting experiences, hold on I’ll be right back)…………………..(Ok I’m back) Brubaker seems to remember buying some boots. Dee recalled that the venue in Columbus was under construction and there was no ceiling on our dressing room. I just remembered that it was also the same day we snuck into the Beastie Boys room and played on their miniature equipment (little amps, guitars and a little drum kit) and we made a lot of racket. Dave Rat said it would be cool to mention that we all went out to a band/crew dinner on the night off. After the dinner I went home and everyone else went out to a local bar. Suzi would like to add that she lost her umbrella in Columbus.

Oh well, as my good friend Kelly (“Dickless”) Canary says, “Plant Ya Now And Dig Ya Later”, -finch

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