Subj: New York Pity #17 Date: 94-08-05 10:15:58 EDT From: L7s

Subj: New York Pity #17 Date: 94-08-05 10:15:58 EDT From: L7s

New York Pity #17 (July 21- Ny, Ny)

I could easily make this a whine fest. I dislike leaving tours to play shows, especially BIG shows and I really hate music seminars. One because they are always JINXED and two because they are so ridiculous. The first seminar we played was South By SouthWest (aka. South By So What). This show rated high on the “Spinal Tap Alert” list. All the bands had to share a dressing room which was a womens bathroom with overflowing toilets, the stage was put together so poorly it broke and we had to buy our own drinks. There was just an overall disregard for the bands that make the music that make this kind of event possible in the first place. Also, it was an outdoor show and all the kids who could not get in threw cow tongues over the fence into the crowd of industry types(actually that was a high light)

but back to today….. After an afternoon of doing press (an Entertainment Weekly interview and photosession. Thit was also the day I did the Mtv/AOL commercial (oops, I mean “news” piece) we headed for the show.

Next is the list of mishaps that has me ONCE AGAIN SWEARING NEVER TO DO ANOTHER INDUSTRY KISS ASS SHOW AGAIN!!: 1. The equipment rental place messed up and we had all the wrong stuff. 2. Between each song we took time off from being a primal rock machine to fumble with unfamiliar knobs and cringe at the sound that was coming out of ’em. 3. (I have to take a break from the list to add that I was the only who loved the SVT amp head that I got, it sounded GREAT!! WELL, THAT WAS UNTIL IT BLEW UP half way through the set.) 4. I threw a bass player hissy fit in public (so embarrassing) 5. Other things went wrong that had to do with the ever so unnecessesary politics and posturing of this type of event and I don’t want to bore you with the gory details.

In all fairness I will list the good stuff that happened to:

1. The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Mother Tongue opened the show they were GREAT! 2. Seeing all of our New York friends was groovy. 3. Ummm, oh yeah we played “Packin’ A Rod” which we haven’t done in a while.

(After I look back at this entry I realize it is kind of vague in regards to what is an “industry” show and why do they exist and why did we agree to do this one in the first place and all. Personally, I don’t have the energy to get into it, maybe if there are any other bands, music industry folks or gig goers who want to go into any explanations, please feel free to post responses.) I’d like to know myself!! peace, jennifer

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