Tony Slug RIP 2023

My heartfelt condolences go out to Tony “Slug” Leeuwenburgh’s daughter, sister, and his father, friends, families, and fellow rock comrades. Tony passed away on October 7, 2023. It was a great honor to have known him as an innovator, entrepreneur, provocateur, and talented individual since our first meeting in 1986. Tony had a very unique gift for storytelling; his anecdotes would make me burst into laughter and occasionally roll my eyes in disbelief. He had a passion for the bleeding edge in everything he did.

Over the past few decades, we not only shared equipment, gig contacts, and music but also developed a shared passion for technology. In the 1990s we stayed connected on chat boards, and our friendship continued to flourish through early 2000s social media and most recently on Discord. We have gone to each other’s shows since the first L7 shows in the Netherlands in 1990 as I, too his.

During the time of our first meeting in the 80s, Tony had his daughter Clio. One of my fondest memories is her arrival to this world, then later in the mid-2000s, she became the tour and production manager for my band The Shocker on our EU tours. She shared her father’s wit and passion and is smart AF. We all had a blast.

Recently, In my refrigerator, I kept a bottle of Tony’s outrageously spicy and dangerous “hot sauce” for three years until it finally burned a hole through the bottle – he was obsessed with making and bottling the strongest hot sauce he “legally” could and he gifted me the sauce as a challenge.

However, one of the most cherished gifts he gave me was the opportunity to be his creative partner, serving as the lead vocalist and collaborating on songwriting during the challenging 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Tony attracted a remarkable group of individuals for this project, including Lionn van der Horst, Steven van der Werff, Lauren Piston, Greta Brinkman (L7, Moby, Patti Smith), Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, and many more. Through our collective effort, we created music and formed deep connections and lasting good memories with each other and Tony.

Tony became very ill while recording, and it was an honor to hold this space for him and keep the flame going. Tony’s ability to unite people through his passion for music and community was truly remarkable, and his legacy and energy will continue to inspire us all. He is fire.

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    Fetch the tall guy –
    pepperride Tony.

    On stage
    bustin’ amp.

    Performin’ sluggy love
    in sluggy slang,
    on low hung
    six-shootin’ string.


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