October 2023 – In Your Space and South America in review

What a crazy month October 2023 has been! Let’s review!

From the “Cooler Than Mars” flexi-disc, single release to the LOVE we felt by everyone who rocked with us across North and South America. Playing these more intimate venues was a blast and we don’t make it to South America as often as we’d like so October 2023 was an amazing month of meeting new challenges and getting reacquainted. Everyone who showed up on this tour brought it hard each night. And I’m not using the term “unforgettable” liberally; our fans are incredible. We don’t take their unwavering support for granted.

In retrospect, the L7 “US IN YOUR SPACE” tour across North America and the electrifying South America Tour 2023 were nothing short of remarkable. These shows reaffirmed the band’s unbreakable bond with our L7 fans, friends and family.

It was exciting to see all the hands in the air when we asked who was seeing L7 for the first time.

The US leg of the tour was a whirlwind of energy, with fans of all backgrounds coming together to rock out to L7’s iconic tunes. It was heartwarming to witness new fans discovering the band for the first time and the sheer diversity among our audience members. It’s clear that L7’s music transcends so many of the kinds of divisions that an trick people into being divisive, and there’s no longer a specific “L7 Type.” We’re grateful for the continued evolution of our fanbase and the inclusivity that defines our community.

Here is a reminder of the L7 US SHOW DATES “IN YOUR SPACE:”
Thu, SEP 14 Wonder Bar Asbury Park, NJ
Sat, SEP 16 Brighton Music Hall Allston, MA
Sun, SEP 17 Gramercy Theatre New York, NY
Mon, SEP 18 Black Cat Washington, DC
Thu, SEP 21 Louder Than Life 2023 Louisville, KY
Mon, OCT 2 The Venice West Venice, CA
Tue, OCT 3 House of Blues San Diego San Diego, CA
Thu, OCT 5 Aftershock 2023 Sacramento, CA
Sat, OCT 7 Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown, CA

After a brief interlude in Los Angeles, we took our music to South America, where we were met with open arms and unmatched enthusiasm. Returning to Brazil felt like reuniting with an old friend, and our shows in São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janeiro were electric. The energy and passion of South American fans lit up the stage and reminded us why we do what we do.


2023-10-20 São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷 @CariocaClub
2023-10-22 Ribeirão Preto, Brazil 🇧🇷 * @hrc.ribeiraopreto (this venue changed a few times – we played Hard Rock)
2023-10-24 Curitiba, Brazil 🇧🇷 * @TorkandRoll
2023-10-25 Porto Alegre, Brazil 🇧🇷 * @opiniao
2023-10-27 Belo Horizonte, Brazil 🇧🇷 @misterrockbar
2023-10-29 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷* @Sacadura154
2023-10-31 Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 @palermogroove
2023-11-02 Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱 @blondieclubcl
2023-11-04 Bogata, Colombia 🇨🇴 @aceofspadesclub1

There was a little bit of concern that due to the pandemic and other factors, our S. American fans and friends may have lost interest since our 2018 in Brazil shows — or that it really has been so so many years since we play the Hollywood Rock Festival and perhaps it would not be the best time for us…. especially not sure what to expect with Colombia and Argentina, two cities we visited for the first time.

However, everyone from São Paulo to Bogata, every show was fantastic! Those shows went off like a pressure cooker exploding with love. Our dates with Black Flag were incredible, they were tight and it was great to see these songs in action for the Brazilian audience. surprize appearance by L7’s Suzi Gardner on their song “Slip It In” (read more here). In Chile, Santiago L7 fans packed out Club Blondie and showed us that nails-in-skin rock n’ roll is still alive and well throughout the capital. Club Blondie was a total, amazing surprize, it is (literally) an underground room about 4 floors deep, under the city, directly below an open air market.

There is something unique about the warmth and intensity of L7 fans from South America. I just can not say that enough. Here, I will tray and say it in Spanish and in Portuguese:

Hay algo único en la calidez y la intensidad de los fanáticos de L7 de Sudamérica.
Há algo único no calor e na intensidade dos torcedores do L7 da América do Sul.

the L7 journey doesn’t end here.

As we wrap up this incredible voyage through the Americas, we’re deeply humbled and grateful. It’s thanks to our dedicated fans that we’ve been able to rock on for four decades, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

With anticipation building, we’re setting our sights on New Zealand and Australia for the L7 Tour in Australia 2023. Who knows what new adventures and memories await us Down Under? We’re excited to find out and to continue sharing our music with the world.

New Zealand and Australia, let’s see what you’ve got in store for us with the L7 Tour in Australia and New Zealand 2023.

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