Shade Casters (What happens during a lunar eclipse – stays in the lunar eclipse)

Hello ShadeCasters and Welcome to *not just to another NewMoon Intentions setting evening* cause EclipseSeason is upon us, throwing even more shade and juicy shadows our way.

For my stargazers out there, do some research to set yourself up for some killer astro showboating this month and for my astrology friends…get your readings done cause if you are anywhere near this ♑️ or ♈️ or ♋️ energy, you may wanna take some deep breaths before you bounce (pounce). Let’s do us a little astro refresh: During a new moon 🌚 phase, you can hardly if at all see the moon creating a very long + 🥶 DARKazz nights — but wait, there are times the moon looks silhouette and this is during a solar ☀️ eclipse.

A solar eclipse happens when the shadow cast by the moon (fully/partially) blocks the sun, caused when the sun, moon, and Earth are (or close to) a straight line. A solar eclipse can only happen in tandem with a new moon.

You don’t have a solar eclipse with every new moon = the Earth’s 🌍 orbit around the sun 🌞 is on a different plane from the moon’s orbit around Earth. In the astrologyland, a solar eclipse takes everything that normally happens during a new moon to the next level. A SOLAR ECLIPSE = STRONGER NEW MOON.

With the new moon in Cap ♑️ the sign of public recognition, success, and bold moves  So get busy And be SEEN. Do you have a HOPE/DREAM/GoalLIST you keep making over and over but aint “producing” you may have had some ideas for a side hustle business, a bold move around relationships/work/money or any other “welling and dwelling” inside of you?

Ask yourself, Is this thought true, is it really what I want? Then take even a simple step to manifest it over the next 2 weeks: send out that proposal, PRINT that logo, create the website… record that song, do something that is a tangible move dream/to/reality.

LET IT BE SEEN…2019 *a 3 year in numerology* all about making bold moves happen in public follow @themysticalarts for some inspiration and for sure get support if you need it get a lifecoach @therealchildrenofthemoon @tcconroy @everestasher @gurumeher #lifecoach #businesscoach #manifesting #newmoon #solareclipse #astronomy #kundalini #jenniferfinch

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