Coldest Moon Hottest Log

Hello Moonshines! It’s officially the “Long Night’s Coldass Full Moon” 🌝 How was your Feast of Juul yesterday? Did you light the Yule log for Winter Solstice?

🔥Although not practical (too much fire in LA these days), I still look at these traditions in the symbolic sense for our modern times, a Yule Log 🌲 would have been not just comfort but a need to keep the fires in the home burning for the rest of the winter. The term “solstice” comes from the Latin words sol + sister = Sun + Stand Still as the angle of the Sun’s rays + the plane of the Earth’s equator, called declination appears to stand still. The 🌞 Sun’s grad. decrease in the sky reverses at WSol. A LOT of folklore describes the “rebirth” of the S/sun How many can you name with a SON/SUN rebirth story????.

It was nice to take a moment yesterday to stand still, absorb then… F-This cold-ass long night b-Shiiiit and let’s move forward into the longer days! Birth Me Now! LOL – This full Moon, called The Cold 🥶 Moon in Cancer ♋️, it’s not that it is just (temperature cold) everyone I know just seems to “get a cold 😷 ”. An association with Cancer is rest, care, and self-evaluation. Use that rest to set a good foundation for the next month. There is just something about the sun going down as early as it does that makes the immune system have a breakdown (nature’s way of demanding rest). The last celestial adventure to end 2018 ☄️ Comet 46P/Wirtanen, will be bright enough to be seen with naked eyes throughout the month of December, check your astronomy apps for exalt location! #soltice #rebirth #juul #jenniferfinch #moonshine #wirtanen #comet #fullmoon #witchy  #cancer ☄️ 💫☄️💫

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