Super Full Blood Red Wolf “Yikes” Moon

Hi Ho MoonShiners!

Super Full Blood Red Wolf or as I like to call it – “The Yikes Moon” is upon us.

We got this special moon and what a Showoff DramaQueen this one is. By showoff DramaQueen, I mean HUMANS are the show-off drama queens and the moon is just doing moon-stuff.

For those of you new to “moon watching,” do some research as to why this full moon is considered “super”  and being called blood/red has to do with the moon being in direct alignment with the earth/sun and is eclipsed and the suns shiny color spectrum is filtered (you love filters, right?). And as for it being a WolfMoon that is just the old-timey folks that lived in places where there are wolves, Wolves do more hunting on a full moon in January (better light), and they get really hungry as food gets scarce, they might even risk getting some yummy human meat or livestock that were overwintering. The moral is, keep your goats indoors and don’t go out on a snowy night, Little Red (moon) Ridinghood.

And if you are a wolf, you just might want to take action to get your needs met — *please don’t eat a human, they actually are not very nourishing* Hence this time of year is usually about emotional desperation and maybe even some depression.

For us stargazers, we love to assign special powers of human emotions/action to how the moon appears to be behaving so, yeah, I am Leo

-can not resist any showoff human magic so let’s do this, mortals! You got a showoff astro event happening in the constellation of LEO This translates to BIG ACTION/Full change, the real NewYearsResolution you didn’t even want to happen (atleast not yet). We love werewolf stories for a reason (not just for the monster porn aspect) but because they are about manifesting your real self*the brutal truth*deep passion.

Have you been feeling depressed or, as I like to call it, the *gift of rest*
Let yourself transform tonight, under this moon. Ask yourself, what would it be like if I had no more negative thinking or self-judgment?

Photo by @donitasparksofficial

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