4 thoughts on “L7 Cassets collection”

  1. well, a real treasure, those tapes … in croatia we say “when you cannot spot the tree because of the forest”, modern medias are the forest, you lost in it. cannot focus on details. cannot make things go into your ear. tapes are cool. you can focus on one things or two. not like todays one gigas or two…or teras.

  2. Whished I’d had a band. No keyboards in metal, they said. You people, you were My Band! …well. you & Sabbath. Kate bush. That 1 guy… etc. Thanks , jenn furr

  3. Wow, gimme gimme!! Got any tapes from November 2nd 1992?
    I sure look forward to the soundtrack for the new L7 rockumentary…..
    Hope you feel better and everything!

    Fred, Norway

    (Yes, I grew up not far from Pamparius Pizza)


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