Butch Vig, drummer for Garbage, and producer of L7 and Nirvana has this to say about working with L7.
Q: Did people think L7 or Sonic Youth was going to “make” the next Nevermind?

A: Unfortunately what happened was a lot of people thought because I made Nevermind I could make that happen with anybody. With L7 I just wanted to take what they are and make them sound big, heavy and focused.

That was one of the funnest albums I’ve ever made.

We recorded the basics at Sound City, where we did Nevermind, then they came back to Madison [Wisconsin] and we finished it at my studio.

They were there about a month and by the time they left they knew every hustler, junkie, drug dealer, bookie… every single crazy lowlife in Madison was coming into the studio because they were friends with the band.

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