I did drugs with a jazz musician and now he’s telling!

So it is Sunday night, and I decided for no apparent reason that it was time for the Shocker to have a Facebook page. I whipped out my trusty Youtube hijacking software and started to DL my own videos (yes, I do not keep copies, i r dumb that way). Not my fav thing to do, but I put my name into their search engine to find whatever was out there for the Shocker, and I came across a super, great old friend from my high school days that has become a celebrated jazz guy…actually a very cool and unique sound, David Author Brown. The reason his video came up for me is that he listed the lyrics to his song…”Inland Empire Freeway,” and in the second verse, he mentions me and that we were loaded on “loads,” a combination of some type of pills that gives ya a very smooth high and makes you want to play jazz. LOL

“Driving out to the desert with Jennifer Finch
Taking loads and marveling at the silence
Next day on the 10
He never felt so depressed
Inland Empire freeways covered in black skid marks
The scars of countless accidents”

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