Jennifer Precious Finch

I’m Jennifer Precious Finch and currently work for a website development, QUADSHOT SOFTWARE and live in Los Angeles, CA. You can view some of the sites I have done at my own portfolio site: BEECHARMING.

I have a pretty cool life and have done some interesting stuff and have met cool people.

While I was in high school, I loved punk rock and hard rock music and dreamed of become a musician, although I was already forming up as a photographer. My musical career began in 1986 when I joined the all-girl, hard rock group L7. I played in a few noteworthy bands previously including Sugar Babylon with Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland. After leaving L7, I founded Other Star People and later The Shocker, both of which I played guitar, sang and wrote.

In the last 5 years I have been recovering from THYROID CANCER, pulling together a life. I am thinking about what creating music and art will look like next, and am happy.

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  1. How can I put into a few words the admiration I have for one I have never met except through her art? I have collected all the L7 disks since I saw you at Rock in Rio in the 80’s, was a rabid Courtney Love fan ever since you were with her and Kat in Sugar Babylon, was a fervent fan of Betty Blowtorch (I have that complete though small collection as well), and grateful for your helping Bianca before the tragedy that took her from us — clearly she modeled her career after yours — and have watched you ever since. I just sent for “Up Your Ass Tray”. I find your connection with Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan a fascinating intertwining with some of my other musical heroes who have likewise connected closely with each other. Small world!

    I pray you overcome your cancer. Many of my family and friends have faced the same demon. Your will to beat it is one of your most powerful weapons. If wishes for a successful recovery help, you have all I can offer!


  2. jennifer i hope u r recovering well, i have L7/dayglo abortions footage from aug.27.1990 at commodore in vancouver and pics of the bands backstage,if u need it for upcomin L7 film ill send it to u, me and my wife hope u guys (l7) comeback and do 1 more tour, cmon,1 more, u have diehard fans still,smell thge magic is still in my top 5 albums of all time,take care jenn,we miss u and the others

  3. I’m a fan from France and Lebanon.
    I love your music.
    I had thyroid problems too, I hope you’re doing ok!
    Lots of love


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