First Time / Big Time Record Producer! And I did It All for the Kids!

Purchase a great Record – Rock Hard-y – Support a Good Cause! Singers included: Pennywise, Donnas, Dwarves, Alkaline Trio, QOTSA, a bunch of Kids and the Gabba Gabba Heys!

I’m a big time producer!!! OK, so it is not so big time~!

OK, maybe I am, I shouldn’t think so little!!????
When Greg Ross from Go-kart was saying he couldn’t find anyone to organize and produce a Kids record that would be all about Ramones songs for kids, the vision on what it would be like flooded my every waking moment! I never produced before, but this one was a natural. NOt that I think kids shouldn’t just listen to the real Ramones, heck I just thought NOW I WANNA SNIFF some glue was funny when I heard it at 9, and I didn’t run out to sniff any glue (that came later – just kidding)

BUT what I do remember about being 9 is that I LOVED IT WHEN I would hear kids voices in music and see kids acting in movies and stuff like that. I liked to think Kids my age did cool stuff other then torture each other on the school yard or go to the mall.

So here is it! BRATS ON THE BEAT!

A portion of the proceeds go to St Jude Children’s Hospital.

Please send this link off to anyone you think might be interest in music

I also included the record cover
This image can be downloaded OR
It is severed at:

Buy Brats and Support a Good Cause

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