(NEWS) Spetember 4, 2008

I got super sick for most of 07 and the beginning of 08. I have a weird muscle wasting disease that is now controlled by drugs, but I had to have surgery AND Vicodin and everything! Although the Vicodin is not as fun as I remember when you actual need it. But that sorta put a cramp in my style, I had just finished producing a record, touring with my own band, I had an essay (of all things) inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame and I had a super big photography show that was on the cover of our local paper. When everything settled down I noticed a pain, in my bladder, ignored it, it lasted for three weeks, went to the doctor, said I thought I had a bladder infection, he tested me, no infection. Then I was like, this is weird, I have this super bad pain (which, well pain is just pain, I don’t think that much of it) and he was like, “get thy to an MRI” and bang, I was classified as a sick person. They gave me drugs that needed other drugs to counteract the drugs. I played a lot of World of Warcraft 🙂 But anyway, I am super on the mend, everything is really good, I didn’t lose any organs, I am back playing tennis and being a spaz.

The gateway summer event this year was not Cochella, as it has been every other year, it was The Gods of Thunder, the Kiss tribute band, playing at Santa Fe Swap Meet. My review of the show is such, although they played at 12PM, 3PM and 6PM, we saw the 3PM show, but missed the 6PM because I became fascinated with the amount of Kat Von D posters (all in Spanish) you can buy at the swap meet. I went around and photographed all of them, but my iphoto erased all of my photos. Attending the event were my LA Turbojugend sisters and brothers; Kami, Joan of Ass, and my big sister X Lord, Adam and Carly and Ronnie James and Chuck. The summer closed with Summer Camp West, which is a 6 week every sunday pool party event at my house, hosted by my roommate Pesci In between was just a whole lot of metal; Judas Priest live on Jimmy Kimmel (Rock in the Parking Lot on Hollywood and Highland), Iron Maiden at the Forum, Ace Frehley (the member of Kiss) at House of Blues, Nick Cave at the Hollywood Bowl, Tony Slug in Long Beach, the Lads 25 year reunion, Desert Hot Springs, trips to Magic Mountain for roller coaster raging and thrown in for good measure lots of trips to the aquarium and zoo.

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