Subj: Feast of Snakes #30 Date: 94-08-21 14:36:18 EDT From: L7s

Subj: Feast of Snakes #30 Date: 94-08-21 14:36:18 EDT From: L7s

Feast of Snakes #30 (July 14-Miami)

We sat and waited for the answer to the big question. Will we be going to New Orleans for an extra day off or are we staying in Florida to do tomorrow’s show? Earlier today word came down the pipe that the Deland grounds (tomorrow’s show place) was covered in water. That would not have been a problem on its own, the point of contention was not the moisture but what lurked within it. Reports came back that along with the wet coverage came an enormous family of water mocchosins. It seems that these slithering lovelies decided to take a vacation from the nearby river that would normally contain them. The Bad Seeds and Green Day (Mike their bass player had just gotten back from having dental surgery earlier this afternoon) took off early in the day unaware of the tropical storm/snake conditions. boy are they gonna be surprized when they get there!

Around midnight a roar of glee was let off when we got the news that the show was definetly off! We were disappointed of course but had no remorse as we high tailed it to the “Birth Place of the Blues”.

(Friends Don’t Let Friends Live in Florida) -finch

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