Subj: Fan Club in Full Effect #29 Date: 94-08-18 12:13:50 EDT From: L7s

I just talked to my friend John Connors in LA. John is picking up our mail from the P.O. box so the post office stops sending us those annoying “Pick-Up or Lose It” notices. We get just about a ton of mail every month now and when we are on tour it is not always for sure that it will be collected and cared for. This is where John comes in. He is not only going to pick up the mail but together, we are going to create a data base of addresses and every three months or so send out a flyer with news, tours dates, a t-shirt order form, and general info. on the band.

If you would like to get on this mailing list, send a postcard (not a letter, cause they waste to much paper) with the words MAILING LIST on it to this address:

L7 Po Box 3928 Hollywood, CA 90078

(Don’t forget to say hi to John somewhere on it. He gets kinda bored, being all alone in the huge L7 Head Quarters)

If you can, send a postcard of the city you live in. I want to try and cover the walls of my house in postcards this year.

We are going to try and do this mailing electronically as well as snail mail style by the end of the year, but I am kind of lazy about these things, but I will try.


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