L7 May Daze 2024 Tour – The Press IS In!

“L7, hailing from California and playing grungy punk-rock, stopped at Sonic Temple amidst an ongoing tour. The sheer swagger on stage was daunting as Finch and the rest of the quartet dug their heels in and began to prove why the band remains relevant after all this time.” (Metal Injection)

All of this, along with consistent touring, has made two things very clear: L7 isn’t going anywhere, and we need their righteous fury and snarky edge now more than ever.” (NPR)

The 22-song, 95-minute set was bursting with vigor and an incredible amount of swagger.” (Times Union)

No matter the musical genre you try to label L7 with — grunge, punk rock, alternative metal — it really doesn’t matter, and the truth is they are just four ladies that can still kick ass and melt faces with their decades-long catalog of tunes.” (All Music Magazine)

“LA Punk rock legends L7! came to the Canal Club to kick ass and take names!”” (Digital Beat Magazine)

Reading through the reviews of L7’s “May Daze Tour” has been gratifying with the kind words and descriptive commentary about each show. I can’t help but feel a surge of pride and gratitude with each glowing comment. Fans have been raving about our energy on stage and the raw, unfiltered power that defines L7. It’s amazing to see how L7’s music still resonates with people, old fans and new ones alike. From the moment we step on stage to the last chord we play, the connection with the audience is electric. The feedback confirms what we feel every night on tour – that punk rock is STILL very much alive, kicking, and here to stay!

Reading through the reviews

One thing that stands out in these reviews is the appreciation for our setlist. We’ve been digging deep into our discography, mixing the classic hits from our first records with some of the newer tracks off Scatter The Rats. Fans have been thrilled to hear songs they grew up with, and it’s been equally rewarding for us to see how our newer material is being embraced. I’m stoked about the cross-generational aspect we’ve seen at L7 shows with long-time L7 fans, now parents bringing their kids to their first L7 show, and the opening bands talking about how much L7’s music has influenced their creativity. The energy in the venues has been palpable, with mosh pits erupting and fans singing along at the top of their lungs. The reviews have highlighted not just our performance but also the communal experience of the shows – the sense of unity and rebellion that’s defined an L7 gig throughout our career.


The positive feedback has also got me thinking about the future of L7. The enthusiasm I see every night from the crowd is what makes us excited about what lies ahead for the band. We’ve always been about more than just the music; it’s about making a statement and connecting with people on a deeper level. Knowing that our fans are still with us and that new generations are discovering our music fills me with a sense of purpose. We’re more inspired than ever to keep pushing boundaries and delivering the kind of raw, unapologetic rock that people expect from us.

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