2024-02-15 Unexpected Illness (ONLINE chat)-open to the public

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SONA/Backline.care Unexpected Illness episode

🎗️ 🦋 13 years ago – life threw me a curve ball. A very curvy ball – I was Diagnosed with Adenomyosis and Thyroid cancer and underwent immediate surgeries and treatments – both within the same month. My world turned “upside-down-curved-inside-out.” It wasn’t just about the health; it was a seismic shift in how I lived and how so much of my being relied on the ability of an “able body and able-minded person” to show up for work, music, art, family, and friends. I spent a few years not able to leave my bed, reboot my brain, and was susceptible to all kinds of depression, anxiety, and negative-azz thinking.

🛑 No more tours or records. No more visual arts/photography (I am also a visual artist and a musician/songwriter). Social activities and friend connections were nearly impossible to maintain. But amidst these challenges, I did find strength (and luck and compassion). I fought fiercely to stay in my home, to stand up for my health, and embraced radical acceptance and some resemblance of sanity. 💪💖

🔥 And now, I can share my process with you and connect with other songwriters who experienced similar “suprizes and prizes.”

Join me on FEB 15, 2024, at 1 PM (PST) as I sit down with incredible peers Ari Jacobson, Terra Lopez, and Brian Kennedy. We’ll dive into how artists like us have walked alongside unexpected illness’s mental, emotional, and physical challenges. 🗣️🤝

With the brilliant minds of Kellie Brown and Arielle Silver working their magic behind the scenes.

The event is sponsored/presented by The SONA Foundation @thesonafoundation with our Backline Care @backline.care (providing mental health support to the music industry).

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For attendees, the registration link is: found.ee/SONAFireside.

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