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Are you Other Star Curious?

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Are you Other Star Curious?

This year marks a momentous occasion for Other Star People as we celebrate the 24th anniversary of our debut album, “Diamonds In The Belly of The Do.” Waiting for a 25th anniversary seems too conventional to share the immense pride and joy this album brings me. The process of collaborating with the legendary Roy Thomas Baker was nothing short of transformative. His expertise and unique approach to music production reshaped my entire perspective on crafting pop-rock tunes, especially since my roots were deeply embedded in hard rock and punk music. This album, originally gracing the world under the banner of the revered A&M Records and subsequently embraced by Interscope Records, is a testament to our musical journey and evolution. Now, this cherished piece of our history is available for all to enjoy on Bandcamp at Bandcamp/OtherStarPeople..

Reflecting back on the inception of Other Star People in the late 1990s, I recall it as a period of significant evolution in my songwriting career. Our mission was to create a unique sound by merging the rhythmic beats of dance music with the edgy tones of New Wave. However, the reality of synthesizer costs quickly steered us in a new direction. We embraced the challenge, pivoting towards an innovative blend of indie pop infused with elements of hard rock – a style made possible by the guitars I already had in my arsenal.

This album is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a narrative of our artistic exploration and growth. Each track is imbued with our passion for music and the lessons learned along the way. From the gritty guitar riffs to the melodic harmonies, “Diamonds In The Belly of The Dog” stands as a proud symbol of our creative journey.

To all our fans, new and old, I invite you to revisit this album or discover it anew. Let the music take you on a journey back to a time when we were all a little more rebellious, a bit more experimental, and deeply in love with the art of music.

Fondly, Jennifer Finch

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