Happy Birthday Suzi Gardner

Happy Birthday to my accomplice in noise and dear Leo sister, Suzi Gardner. The music, the miles, the experiences are grand and plentiful! Looking forward to many more Augusts to come.

Your passion and boundless energy are guiding lights, and you are as hot and sexy as August, the month we share birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Suzi Gardner!

Here’s to the music that unites us and the friendship that sustains us. Happy birthday, Suzi!

Each chord you strike reverberates with the joy and camaraderie we’ve shared on and off the stage.

When is Suzi Gardner’s Birthday?

Suzi Gardner is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, founding member of the legendary band L7. She was born in Oklahoma on August 1st. Suzi will be playing with L7 on 2023 tour dates.

Suzi Gardner’s legacy as a musician and her impact on the rock and punk scenes remain significant, and her contributions inspire musicians and fans alike.

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