4 thoughts on “L7 with Barry Manilow”

  1. Well you sure look a LOT better than Barry Manilow in 2010 -he was on the Graham Norton showin the U.K.
    at the weekend and man that guy is ODing on Botox ! cheek implants too – what has he done to himself ???

    e ” surgery free ” c

  2. yes.and since barry manilow has had all that cosmetic surgery he’s taken on this strange ,effeminate/twerp quality.he NEVER ha that untill the surgery.maybe that’s just a false impression he’s giving off because of the surgery.however,back when he first got famous he was this baby like/twerp little person.that’s for sure.he seems to be regressing back to that. i dont think barry manilow’s gay though.a gay male would have outed him to the press YEARS ago WITH PROOF if he were gay.most gays nowadays are out of the closet and if they’re not they get outed by the time they’re thirty.barry manilow has NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER.i’ve known a couple other people who’ve had this (both famous).BARRY MANILOW HAS ALL THE SIGNS OF NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER.also BARRY MANILOW IS AN ATTENSION ADDICT.HE WANTS EVERYONE OUT THERE TO LOVE HIM.


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