Subj: Bio-Degrading-part 2 Date: 94-07-18 18:49:07 EDT From: L7s

(Bio-Degrading part 2)
The L7 story began when Donita Sparks, a Chicago suburbs transplant met former Sacramento resident Suzi Gardner in Los Angeles in 1985. Both had played in various, local bands and the instant chemistry between the two had convinced them to form a new group. Jennifer Finch, who had been playing and living in San Francisco at the time, moved back down to her native Los Angeles to join the two in 1986. Together with their original drummer, Roy Koutsky, they began playing the local club circuit. This line up recorded the band’s once hard to find, self-titled first album that was produced by Brett Guretwitz (of Bad Religion and owner of Epitaph Records) and released on the Epitaph Records in 1988.

After a period of drum vacancies had occurred, the band solidified it’s line up in 1988 when Dee Plakas, also from the Chicago area, was enlisted to play drums. For the next two years the group tightened and hardened their sound in the dank, dark night clubs of Hollywood before ever-increasing legions of fans. 1990 saw the release of the band’s Sub Pop E.p.Smell The Magic, which was proceeded by theShove b/w Packin’ A Rod, 7 inch, vinyl, single. The later’s A side became an instant indie classic anthem which endeared them to college radio stations across the country. Eventually their track record of consistently sold out local shows, two U.S. tours (’88 and ’89), headlining tour of Europe (’90) and British tour (’89 supporting Nirvana) and various U.S. regional tours came to the attention of Slash Records. In 1991 the band signed on to their roster which includes, Violent Femmes, X, the Germs and Faith No More.

The band’s major label debut Bricks Are Heavy was co-produced by Butch Vig and released in mid 1992. A diverse collection of pop, punk, and heavy rock, it earned a spot on Billboard’s new artist and pop album chart and yielded a radio hit with “Pretend That Were Dead”.

1992-93 were busy years for the band. The group spent their time doing a couple of U.S. tours, performing “Pretend..” on the United State’s David Letterman show and Britain’s the Word, tours of Japan, Australia and Europe, the Reading Festival, an additional freezing, winter, European support slot for Faith No More, and two Brazilian festival dates.

In addition to their promotional tour, L7 played and organized a number of stateside benefits for Rock For Choice, an organization they founded to raise awareness in the rock community of the growing threat to our civil liberties, women’s rights and a woman’s right to a safe, legal abortion. Bands that have participated in Rock For Choice concerts have included Nirvana, X, Bikini Kill, Joan Jett, Pearl Jam, Hole, Mudhoney, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others. One of L7’s goals was to set up Rock for Choice as an in house project of the Feminist Majority Foundation (who are the beneficiary organization) Since the onset of Rock For Choice, L7 have been slowly stepping back from their active roles, allowing other co-ordinators to take over. Rock for Choice is now a full time project and L7 act as consultants when needed. More info on Rock For Choice and the Feminist Majority Foundation can be obtained by calling: 213 651-0495

1994 looks to be another busy year which has already seen L7 performing a song called Gas Chamber for the soundtrack to the John Water’s movie Serial Mom and a Japanese tour. Their new release, Hungry For Stink features twelve songs co-produced with Garth Richardson and is probably their heaviest to date. The albums first video, Andres, was co-directed by Donita Sparks and Steve Hanft (who’s credits include Beck’s Loser). These songs will undoubtedly get a decent workout as L7 joins the Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins and etc. at Lollapalooza this summer. See ya’ there! -Bob

Subj: Buy Low Sell High #9 Date: 94-07-18 22:40:34 EDT From: L7s

Buy Low Sell High #9

Hey I just thought I would print our discography too (being the hard sell kind of person I am. LOL). All the non-compilation stuff is still available and a few of the compilations are still around but most of them have “bought the ranch”.

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