2018 Fall EQ (Equinox)

Happy Equinox, everyone!

Today the light will be a little less than the dark, the balancing act of life as she ebbs and flows. The scales balance (Equinox) the heart and the feather (hint – holding on to a heavy heart will tip the scale). From now until the Winter Solstice is a time to inventory: assets, resentments, your kitchen pantry, closets, bug-out bags, trunks, expenses, income, character defects, thinking, emotions, relationships, gratitude, hopes, memories….make sure you have what you need for the deep winter months (metaphor alert), release what you do not. I attended a great gathering last night with Remington Donavan @themysticalarts and Oslee @oslee_music and got my EQ on…. the image I used in this post is by Erin Taniguchi @erintaniguchi who is a print maker living in Canada.

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