2009 Live Rock Shows

And so the year ends! Long live 2009 and all all the great memories of these live performances!

Lightin’ Woodcock and Deadbolt : Redwood
Duane Peters Pretty Mess: Redwood
Motorhead Nokia
Gods of Thunder Swap Meet
Judas Priest Whitesnake Universal
Thunder Dick Viper Room’
Cockpit Roxy
Deadly Seven Key Club
Mentors Arnocore
Van Stone Feast of Featus at the Roxy
Feast of Fetus acoustic at Bigfoot West
Feast of Fetus at Good Hurt
God Save the Sex Pistols at Cozy’s Bar
Iron Maiden’s at Palominos
Just Like Priest at the Swap Meet
Danko Jones at the Troub
Exodus at House of Blues
Ace Frehley at the Viper Room
Run Run Run at the Viper Room
Bloodhook Rosemary Billy Goat Lightin’¬† Wood cock Alex’s
Sylvia Joncose Raw Power Rangers  Liquid Kitty

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