Lollapalooza Diaries- Words- Jon Stewart Show Date

Hey Ya’ll, I just wanted to remind everyone that we will be on the Jon Stewart show on Tue. Oct.4th. I am in NYC right now (we flew in from Mpls. this morning) and boy am I excited, I dig this town big time! BTW, for all the NYC locals in the house, if you were at the Luckoftheloozers poet tent you might have caught a preformance by our good friend Torment. Torment is throwing us a party after the filming of the JS show at around 12:30am. It is open to the public and is at Ben Hills 511 Greenwich St. at the cornor of Spring. The other night in Mpls. after our show, I went out to dinner with our booking agent, Peter Davis, his girl friend Cindy, and the gals in Babes in Toyland. We ate a kickass family style Itailian dinner. While I was stuffing meatballs into my mouth, Peter leaned over the table and started giving me a world of shit for not completing the tour diary yet! I haven’t even realized time has slipped by so frigging fast it’s like living in a wirlwind!!! Well anyway I guess I am just leading up to yet another apology for still not finishing the damn thing!!! I still may try (I actually have notes written down somewhere) but I would guess if it’s around Jan or Feb. of next year the chances are good I may just have to move on!! Take it Sleezy, jennifer

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