Other Star People (Band)

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Other star people (sometimes incorrectly written as “Other Star People”) was a short-lived LA-based guitar pop band active from 1997-2003

Founded by Jennifer Finch, former bassist for the all-female metal-grunge band L7 in 1997 the band was far from many are expected to come next from the LA punk rock scene veteran to switch to guitar and sharing vocals with suave charismatic (and men!) guitarist Xander Smith Finch confused expectations by leading a band that mixed elements of punk alt-rock pop and new wave, a million miles away from the femme-grunge sound of Finch former band OSP focused more of Finch is nuanced songwriting / crafting talents that were hidden in the belly of the screams of L7, while still with his heavy metal cowtletter front and center to round out the band Finch and Smith recruited Todd Phillips on drums (formerly of The Juliana Hatfield Three) and later neophyte bassist Japanese Junko Ito.

to keep a low profile from the beginning to avoid ending up with Slash Records (L7 label legally had first right to pick up the band for a leaving member clause in the contract Finch), the band persevered, and after having managed to escape the contractual mess the band signed a high profile deal with A &, M Records, 1998 The band quickly went into the studio by 70 superstar producer Roy Thomas Baker (Queen Journey Foreigner) to record “Diamonds In The Belly Of The Dog” just before the music industry implodes with giant Universal / Polygram merTyskland that basically Estatesgt A & M Records (essentially purposes) for good Surprising their debut album was one of the few that survived the transition and served August 1, 1999 release date at a time when most famous Universal / Polygram artists are still trying to figure out if they had a business or not

Sadly, probably because of the Universal / Polygram still figuring out their own internal marketing department disc can not find the audience it deserved, and after only one entry in the band and A & M / Universal parted ways with the group disband Not much later.

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