3 thoughts on “L7 with Joey Ramone”

  1. Ramones played summer(1980) outdoors in San Francisco Civic Center Plaza . The stage was elevated six feet above the lawn and the loosely packed audience.
    Georgian National Dance Troupe shows up and gathers around me at the front, sort of like a “What’s happening now , Al?” thing. I lined the girls center and the men paired to do splicing We demonstrated the adaptability of Caucasus Mountains dancing to any musical genre.
    At one point Joey Ramone clamors, “The best part of this gig is down here on the lawn!” Joey leaps down from the stage and shows us his yet unpatented version of punk-Caucasus ecstasy dance , kind of like a stomping hootenanny shuffle. The other three Ramones recycled their instrumental interlude three times before we boosted Joey back upstage to finish the song and the rest of a very far out set. Towards the conclusion, Joey described this gratis show being his favorite gig as a Ramone while his band-mates fumbled through an extemporized version of Scott McKenzie’s “San Francisco”. Some of us below commenced to imitate aquatic fowl.
    Mayor Feinstein and spouse Mr. Blum were standing off a bit beyond the dancers , seemingly entertained by our egalitarian intensity. As we dispersed they asked me if our complementary participation in the show was like an acid experience. I replied , “No , we’re just stoned and drunk today.”
    Six , seven , and eight years later we did the first Burning Mans a few miles north out on the coastline.

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