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9 thoughts on “L7 with Joan Jett

  1. Kali West 10 years ago

    Hey There, I have to say, that I lover your blog.
    Please go on like that and don’t stop posting. I hope this comment motivates you to do so, smile
    regards, kali

  2. ~David 9 years ago

    Hola, Just found this internets happening. Most excellent. I saw L7 play the Reading Festival back in like 1992?!?! …I think it was. I was 16 years old. You bitches ruined my life, heh. Nah, really, Inspiration's never been so good. Good eatings.

  3. Deneen Cuen 9 years ago

    Exactly what I have been thinking. Your text was fantastic. To get your lover back is not the easiest of the accomplishments But it for sure can take some time

  4. Rômulo 9 years ago

    Greetings from Brazil, remembers the rock in rio? logical haha
    I was watching the videos on youtube optimal band!! Still have a sound? add my msn please, thanks.

  5. Rômulo 9 years ago

    Shit, I was born in the wrong season, today I'm 20 years old unfortunately and I think I`ll never have the opportunity to see live l7. Old good times hahaha. Nice blog, keep posting, seeya.

  6. missy 8 years ago

    I just discovered L7 on last fm. they’re like sex to my ears

    I love you L7!!!!

  7. Alinne Finch 6 years ago

    te amo Jennifer Finch…