The problem with creating…

“The problem with creating, whether it is a song, a piece of art or a website, it is already outdated by the time it takes it first gasp of air. I have a lot of trouble integrating the past with the present, and seem to be missing the part of my brain that is comforted by nostalgia. I am hoping that this blog will get me somewhere close to learning how to tell a story, and a good start will be my own story (errrr.. even that sounded gross to me.. but whatever..doing my best”. – JPF

Surviving cancer in 2012, was just a another challenge, the real challenge will be to see what life becomes at this stage.

6 thoughts on “The problem with creating…”

  1. I think i understand where u r coming from…but dont feel bad about anything…The late Joe Strummer once said ” You do ur thing and thats that…” Paul Weller once said ” The minute u agonize over something it robs you of the pleasure of creating it…” Anyhows that
    terrible fire at that Artists venue in California is making the news over here in the UK…We do hope you and your friends are all OK…Took a bunch of friends to L7s last Glasgow gig…their first L7 Show…Noticed that they all came outta the Venue with big grins on their faces…HOPE YOU R GONNA COME BACK TO SCOTLAND SOON…Lots of Love…

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